What We Offer

Middle and High school math classes aligned to your school curriculum

1. Build mastery

We help students master concepts by finding gaps in knowledge and creating a personalized learning path to address those areas.

Our live classes have no more than two students on the same level working with a certified teacher.

Working in pairs is fun and engaging and helps students learn teamwork and collaboration skills.

what ez does

2. Guidance for schoolwork

Our teachers are available to help with school assignments or questions. We teach key concepts and help students walk through problems step by step instead of just giving answers.

We monitor and analyze student's assignments and schoolwork. This ensures students stay on top of things, which leads to good grades, confidence, and motivation to do more.

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Why Us?

Our teachers are state-certified and have years of teaching experience in actual classrooms. They are well aware of the problems students face and know how to help solve them. Our teachers use enquiry based teaching to address questions students actually have.
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Our teachers work with the students’ school curriculum. We help with the work students already have, as well as learn new concepts. This makes sure work doesn’t pile up and burden students.


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We align with students’ learning styles using VARK; visual, auditory, reading, or hands-on. Our teachers use this model to understand how students best learn. We work to make sure each student is being taught in the way most beneficial for them.


Our content has elements of game-based activities that keep students interested. We have adaptive assessments, animations, and videos that are engaging and hold students’ attention.
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We believe in partnering with the parents to ensure students' success. Throughout the course of the program, parents receive regular feedback and suggestions for their children.

Students learn better in a fun and engaging environment. We make sure content stays enjoyable for students throughout the program.

How it Works

Our four step planning approach delivers personalized learning plans to each child

1 Take the test:

Students take two assessments to identify areas of strength and weakness and the student's learning style.

2We create your custom learning path:

A personalized learning path is created to ensure the student builds mastery in the identified areas using the student’s preferred learning style.

how it works
3Start your live learning:

Scheduled classes: Our program has two classes in a week. Weekend classes focus on the mastery of core concepts while weekday class focuses on school assignments.

Homework guidance:Students can send requests for help on any assignments and a teacher will respond.

4Regular reassessments and parent partnership:

Reassessment: Students are assessed regularly to align the course with their needs and improve their test-taking skills.

Parent partnership: Parents are engaged and informed through weekly reports. Regular meetings between parents, students, and teachers are held for feedback and planning.

Our Curriculum

EzMastery curriculum is built around the following core principles

Align with your local school content

Align with your local school content

We follow state-level standards and connect with local schools to learn about the syllabus. Our program builds on the school rather than create additional work for the students.

Adaptive mastery focused curriculum

Adaptive mastery focused curriculum

Built on AI, our curriculum adapts itself to the skill level and learning style of the student. While two students may be following the same school curriculum, the content will render different exercises to the students based on their level.

Connect with real-life situations and applicability

Connect with real-life situations and applicability

We strongly believe learning should reflect and be applicable in real-life situations. Our teaching examples, as well as exercises, are based on real-life situations.

We offer online math classes for 6-12th grades in the following subjects:

Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Our Teachers

To teach is to touch a life forever

We believe a teacher makes the single biggest difference in student learning. At EzMastery we take great care in selecting the right teachers for each student with.

Rigorous selection process: All our teachers go through an extensive selection process to assess their subject expertise, student engagement skills, and online presence.


Only certified teachers: Our educators have years of experience teaching in physical classrooms as well as online ones. As expert educators, they are well aware of typical student pitfalls and how to navigate them.

Inquiry-based teaching: Our teachers follow Socratic teaching principles by encouraging asking questions to develop critical thinking. They make sure students stay curious and receptive to what is being taught.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Mastery gives students confidence and self-drive that leads to success and happiness.

our philosophy


Our goal is for students to become self-motivated, life long learners who are curious, creative, and collaborative leaders.



Our Mission

We want to create a technologically advanced learning platform that helps students achieve subject mastery through enjoyable content aligned to students’ unique needs.

Our Core Values

  • Enabling
  • Personalized
  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Fun


Enable your child’s success with the right plan

Live | School Aligned |Personalized

Mastery Basic
$175 $145
Per Month
per Student
  • 4 one hour classes in a month
  • 1:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Curriculum aligned to your child's learning style
  • Class recording available for review after class
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Mastery Premuim
$260 $195
Per Month
per Student
  • 8 classes in a month (4 one hour and 4 half-hour classes)
  • 1:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Curriculum aligned to your child's learning style
  • Class recording available for review after class
  • Tracking and preparation for school assignments
  • Homework guidance
Mastery Intensive
$345 $275
Per Month
per Student
  • 12 classes in a month (4 one hour and 8 half-hour classes)
  • 1:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Curriculum aligned to your child's learning style
  • Class recording available for review after class
  • Tracking and preparing for school assignments
  • Homework help